Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New wedding stationery ranges

I have been neglecting my blog again, aaaagh! This post is going to focus on the new wedding stationery ranges I've introduced this year.  In forthcoming posts I'm going to talk about other new designs I've been working on, wedding fairs, other wedding related ideas and products and ideas for those of you who are interested in making your own books (although you could of course buy mine!).

So back to the wedding stationery.  I've introduced five new ranges recently.  Two of them are a new style of ticket based information. They come with a perforated RSVP slip and are presented in a card wallet (similar to what you would receive tickets in). One is themed in the style of a concert ticket and the other as an airline type ticket.

'Just the ticket' -

'Travel ticket' -

The third design is called 'Spots' for obvious reasons. It's a design I started last year but couldn't get it to look as I wanted it to, because I'd over-complicated it I think. Here it is in a variety of colours (customers can choose any two colours).

'Spots' -

The fourth design is similar to my Birds in Trees design but this time features owls (in response to customer requests). It's the first design which I've done in landscape layout, which threw up a few additional challenges in terms of laying the text out.

'Owls' -

The fifth design I'm going to talk about in my next post. It started life as a design for use at a local wedding venue's open day.

All of the wedding stationery ranges can be viewed on my website at .

Thanks for reading!

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