Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wedding fair notebooks

A blog post mostly made up of pictures today.  Recently I have been producing small notebooks to go in goody bags at the Glemham Hall Wedding Fair this weekend (at Little Glemham, Suffolk).  I've made bulk quantities of notebooks before, but never 200 at a time so I thought it would be interesting to document each stage.

Firstly I designed and printed the covers.  The covers feature several different wedding related images all drawn in Illustrator and in black (because it's quicker to print than colour) and printed on to coloured covers.  

Next the paper was folded for the inside, having been trimmed slightly in the guillotine.  Each book had 6 sheets of paper stacked one inside the other, making 12 pages or 24 sides.

Holes were then punched in both the covers and inside papers.  Here they are ready for sewing.  Each notebook was sewn in a different colour thread to the cover.  The sewing probably took about 4 hours (and was done while I was watching TV!).

Finally an wedding invitation sample (the object of the exercise for me!) was attached to each notebook with thread and a tag.

Here they are boxed and ready to go ...

Hope the brides-to-be at Glemham Hall this weekend like them!

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