Sunday, 8 July 2012

Owls watching tennis

Today the owls are nervously watching Andy Murray play in the Wimbledon final.

It's a nerve-wracking business so they're looking forward to returning to their tree where they feature on the owl wedding invites.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Baby shower and leaving school cards

I thought I would share images of two recent commissions I have done.

The first is for previous wedding stationery customers who are now having a baby (yay - congratulations Alex & Craig!) who requested invitation cards for their baby shower which were based on the design they had for their wedding invites - birds in trees. As you'll see from the image, the birds are still sitting in the tree and a stork is delivering their baby.

The second is for a friend who works in a school as a teaching assistant and who wanted to give the leaving pupils a goodbye and good luck card each. This design features owls designed to appeal to 11 year olds - they're wearing the school uniform (okay, perhaps that bit won't appeal!) and are texting each other. One owl is holding a book with the title 'books are cool' as a tribute to the fact that my friend specialises in reading/literacy. The other is (perhaps more typically) plugged into earphones.

a close up of the owls:

I think I had the easy bit - she now has to write messages on 30 cards!