Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Personalised new baby pictures

I have just added a new product to the website which I have been meaning to introduce for ages - a personalised name picture for a baby boy or girl. I have been making these for friends, friends of friends and in some cases friends of friends of friends for some time, in fact I've done so many it partially explains the delay in putting them up for sale properly!

Each pictures is A4 in size and spells out the baby's name and date of birth in raised letters and circles. For little boys there are baby elephants each side of the date of birth and for little girls two butterflies to the left of the date of birth. The patterns are made up of dots, stripes and elephants/butterflies for boys/girls respectively. The boys colour scheme is red, light blue and dark blue and for the girls it's pink, purple and peach.

Each picture is supplied mounted and in a cellophane bag and can be viewed in the Stationery Gifts section of the shop.

Coming soon - Christening pictures!

baby boy personalised picture

baby boy picture details
baby girl new birth picture

baby girl personalised picture details