Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Handmade wedding seating plans

I have been working on some new photos for the online shop to show The Leaf Press's handmade A2 wedding seating plans.

It's very difficult to illustrate to customers what their seating plan will look like as each seating plan is handmade and the customer can choose:

  • The design used (from The Leaf Press's wedding stationery ranges).
  • The mountboard colour.
  • The colour used for the one or two layers of backing card.
  • The layout - obviously this depends on the layout of tables there will be at the actual reception.

Here are the photos I have added to the seating plan product listing.

Seating plan in sage green and duck egg blue colour scheme using the Dots design. Horseshoe arrangement of tables with dessert/cake table in centre and labels to indicate where bar/cafe and dance floor are.

Seating plan in spring green and lilac on dark grey mountboard in the Bunting design. Long top table and six tables seating eight each.

Detail from a seating plan with light blue and silver colour scheme on an off-white mountboard in the Snowflake design.

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