Monday, 25 February 2013

Wedding invitation wording ideas - part 3 - How do you include the guests' names on your wedding invitations?

Welcome to part 3 of The Leaf Press's wedding stationery wording guide, which looks at how to include the guests' names on your wedding invitations.

Please refer back to part 1 of the guide to see an example of a wedding invitation layout.

Traditionally, the invitation wording requests 'the pleasure of your company' and the guests' names are handwritten in the top left-hand corner of the invitation:

If you don't wish to do this, or the design of your invitation will not allow it, you can consider addressing the envelope quite specifically:

Alternatively, you can choose to have a dotted line for writing the name(s) of the guests on. In this instance, the wording changes to 'request the pleasure of the company of' followed by the dotted line:

Finally, most wedding stationery providers offer a service whereby the guests names are printed, usually at an additional cost. The Leaf Press offers this for 25p per invitation. It's a way of making your guests feel special!

A note about children:

Some couples choose not to have children at their wedding. If this is the case you need to make sure that the names on the invitation reflect this e.g. don't put 'The Carters' if you don't want the Carter children to attend. It is worth noting that some may assume children are invited unless you state otherwise.

I hope you have found this guide useful. I would welcome comments and am happy to answer any questions you have. Click here to e-mail The Leaf Press or here to visit The Leaf Press website.

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